More individuality per squaremetre
The horizontal-automatic cartoner CCM-AH

Horizontal-automatic cartoner CCM-AH

Your Advantages

  • High flexibility
  • Short setup times
  • Small footprint
  • Very user friendly

Technical data and Format range:
Horizontal-automatic cartoner CCM-AH

Machine versions

  • 600 mm format wheel and 6 stations
  • 800 mm format wheel and 6 stations
  • 900 mm format wheel and 6 stations

Max. nominal speed

  • Up to 60 cycles per minute (depending on product and process)

Available closure techniques

  • Tuck in closure
  • Hot glue closure
  • Combination of tuck closure and hot glue closure (e.g. fourth flap)

Example format sizes

600 mm format wheel – 6 stations
Format range depending on format wheel diameter and number of stations

Technical dimensions

Possible format range

Technical dimensions

Max. A dimension (width) available with corresponding B dimension

Technical dimensions

Max. B dimension (depth) available with corresponding A dimension